Refund Policy

SEO Olympus aims to serve you with all honesty and wants to make you a success story and satisfied customer with your order.

Refunds will be granted in the following cases
  1. You will be refunded in the following conditions
    • If your order meets some errors from the company side you will be refunded at the time. for instance if your links were built to another url you provided.
  2. You request a refund within 5 days of your initial purchase or renewal date. This applies to your last payment only (unless your problem falls under the errors above)
The following do not constitute refunds
  1. We have a staff that replies your queries within 24 hours, and always do their best to help you out. Of course if our staff does something unethical you will be refunded. However, our team may take more than a day to respond and there is a small chance they may miss your ticket.
  2. Results based – SEO is not just about link building. Your rankings are also based on:
    • Your past SEO work
    • Your site not currently being under a penalty

Because of so many variables it is impossible for us to provide refunds based on results.

HOWEVER, if your website is not progressing at all, we are here to serve you and find out the limitations and provide extra help and discounts.

The Following Is The Reporting Policy For SEO Olympus
We are responsible to report to you every 30 days upon your request. In most instances you will receive a report every 25 days, but in time of burden it may be a day or two late. If we get unsuccessful to report upon your request, you are liable to a refund.